Going Back to School

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Going back to School
Sophia Porter
ENG 121
January 25, 2013

Having the thought of going back to school can be very exciting. Entering into a new school, you would get to meet a lot of new people, having new friends, and doing a lot of exciting things in the classrooms. Everyone would be excited in going back to school because they would see that their future means a lot to them. People that chooses to go back to school have different reasons in going back; to better themselves, having a better career, and making their families happy. Once you have found the school that can be suitable for you, there are options where you can manage your studies. Online studies or on campus are the options that can be suitable for you.

Online studies may be options for others because of their working hours with their employers. You would be able to do online studies while you still have time to spend with the family. There is no specific timing in taking online courses, as long as all of your assignments are in on time and done correctly. I feel as though taking online courses would be manageable because of your work schedule and you may not have the time to go to the campus and taking up classes. Your employer may require you to work nearly long hours and you may not have time to put in your assignments because you would be very tired and have to be at work the next day at an earlier time. Taking weekend classes at the campus can be a risk because you may be enrolled in a two year college and might not finish on time where you may have extend your financial aid. Having financial aid is a second source of payment that you can use to cover your tuition fees. Whether you are working a full time job or a part time, the lenders will work out a payment plan with you where you would not go into debt years later.

The obstacles that people face today while returning back to school is whether their job will still be in business or not. Once you have chosen the option to...
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