Going Away to University. Will You Be Homesick?

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Title: Going away to University. Will you be homesick?

Are you missing your sweet home badly, and is the feeling affecting your campus life in a negative way? Homesickness is absolutely nothing. This is the best period in person’s life, the youthful excitement, new friends, campus fun, parties, and the sense of growing up! The life is just wonderful and carefree, and if you are living away from home, you have that super good feeling of independence. But like a coin has two sides, living away from home also has its own flip side. I can say this because I have experienced the feeling, the feeling called ‘homesickness’.

Homesickness at campus can become a serious issue if you are not strong minded. First semester is a crowded sea of assignments, new faces, loaded with strangers and foreign habits–and it’s easy to start to feel like you are struggling to keep your head above water. Worst of all, you may find yourself feeling like you’re the only one having a hard time. You are not alone. I’ve found that you just never know who is struggling to get out of bed everyday, because everyone feels the pressure of going away to University. Pressure that they have to enjoy it, But the truth is, they miss their home! The feeling of homesickness is beyond explanation, it makes a person feel alone in this big bad world.

I struggled intensely with homesickness during the first few weeks of my first semester of diploma. Living away from my family weighed heavily on me. Going from a loving, comfortable environment to a place filled with friendly but unfamiliar faces was difficult. The first two weeks of new semester in diploma, I cried every day. I am sharing this so you can know that homesickness exists for college freshmen, it is normal, it is hard at first, but it gets better. I was able to overcome my homesickness with both time and the Lord's help.

Are you aware of the fact that fifty percent of the people in the world are homesick all the time? Anything can...
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