Gods Must Be Crazy

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  • Published : March 12, 2011
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movie review


Movie review:Gods must be Crazy part II and Witness


DIVYA ANN ROLL NO: P10122 PGDM 2010-12

The Gods must be crazy II and The Witness are two dynamic picturizations, which depict the differences between cultures and outlooks of people living in different environments in the same planet. Their manner of living, their approach to fellow beings, their concept/ideologies of Religion, and the difference in their material needs are highlighted throughout both these movies. For the purpose of differentiating the cultures let us take the three different communities being portrayed in both the movies: The Bushmen, the Amish and the modern Western Americans. GM crazy compares the Bushmen and the Modern Western. The other movie compares the Amish and the Western American in Witness. Both these movies help us see to the difference in instincts between two communities and their approaches to the environment.

➢ Difference in the Material Cultures:

One of the most distinctive features of the Bushmen is that they do not possess the sense of ownership. They share everything, relay on nature to provide and protect them and live in such a way as to cause minimal harm to the environment. Their lack of awareness of the material sophistications creates in them a sense of simplicity and peacefulness. The Amish people when compared to the Bushmen are more in the usage of wood. The houses that they dwell in, the...
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