Gods in the Odyssey

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  • Published : March 28, 2008
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Marvin K. K.
Humanities 11
Θεία επέμβαση An analysis of divine intervention in The Odyssey reveals that survival and achievement of goals is impossible without help from the gods as they control everything that happens. Divine intervention is a very important aspect of the Odyssey seen right from the beginning to the end and all who have help from the gods survive while those who don't die. This is clearly shown in the conversation between Athena and her father Zeus on mount Olympus, in which Athena asks her father what should happen to the Ithacans. The will of the gods is supreme to all other powers, and the decision made at mount Olympus of bringing peace among the Ithacans is what actually happens.(XXIV, 496-506). Zeus decides that peace should reign and that's what exactly happens....
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