Gods and Their Human Nature

Topics: Iliad, Trojan War, Greek mythology Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Gods and their Human Nature
In the Iliad, the supreme god, or the god with the most power of them all, is Zeus. Zeus is actually a god, but in this epic poem, he is portrayed like a human in his nature and personality. He is human in the way he flares up so easily, and is calmed back down in the next second. When anything does not go the way he wants to, he is all of a sudden furious, not exactly godly and merciful like God in the bible. In fact, all the gods in greek mythology are described with human nature. There are places where Hera provokes him by arguing on the greeks’ side, and if you see what conversation, or more correctly, argument, they have, you can see that the words they exchange are harsh and human, and this shows their human nature. Also, he worries about Hera and what she will say when Thetis pleads him for her son’s honor, and you can see that though he seems not to care what Hera thinks and says, he actually does, on page 95, line 619. So he does act like a human with all his emotions. Hera is the only person who can stand up to Zeus in the Iliad – only she has the courage to argue with him and make him angry. She keeps on doing it. She scorns him in book one, at the very end of page 95, after he agrees to Achilles’s mother, Thetis, that he would let the greek army feel Achilles’s empty space and bring back his honor. She makes him angry with that, and afterwards, in book four, page 146, she criticizes him back after he mocks Athena and her about defending Menelaus. This makes me feel that she is only human, or so saying, about her feelings – what person would stand by in silence if another sneers at that person all the time? Well, the other gods do have patience, for they have no power against him, but Hera is his wife, the Queen of the Heavens, and “a god too, her descent the same as his,” according to herself on page 147, line 68. So, she feels that Zeus’s ultimate power is wrong, and that other gods should have the same rights as him...
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