Godiva Marketing Assignment

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Executive Summary

Godiva chocolate has been a paramount in its field of expertise, chocolate. It has an annual sale of $500 million. Offering a very interactive and personal customer service, where customers could feel the staff’s sincerity.

Our clients are chocolate lovers who love to indulge in the rich and delicious world of chocolate. Godiva chocolate offers a variety of chocolate which includes truffles, pralines, ganaches, nuts, fruit & liquor, caramel, white chocolate, dark chocolate milk chocolate and even chocolate shakes. All of these chocolates are packaged in an artfully designed packaging which could only be described as world-class.

Godiva has 3 stores in Singapore that are situated in prime locations, where it accessibility is at its most convenient for shoppers, not only could the products be purchased from its retail shop, it also offers online services where customers could do their purchase in the comfort of their own house, where the rest of its competitors delivers a lackluster service.

In a span of 12 months, Godiva will divert its attention to Singapore. Singapore is one of the most affluent countries in Asia, thus the demand for premium products is higher, and it has a population of 5.04 million with a growth rate of 24%.

Godiva has got several competitors located in Singapore for example, Leonidas, Teuscher, Royce and the Chocolate Research Facility (a local company). In a competitive market, Godiva has been talked about by chocolate lovers and being trusted as a product of substance despite of the advantages other competitors could provide.

A forecast was made that there will be a 17% growth rate for the chocolate industry. Godiva’s usual customers in the age group of 30-40, however, from the results of a research, with the economy picking up, younger Singaporean from the age of 20-30 are increasingly earning more, and are more willing to spend. This group of consumers is usually looking for premium products for either for self indulgence or as gifts.

Godiva has decided to introduce a new product line of milk chocolate deck and the flexibility of engravings on the chocolate, to cater to the age group 20-30. With this introduction, the Godiva will be able to express the fun and vibrant nature; this will gain a larger market share and customer loyalty base. Godiva will pursue its true aim of being the ultimate brand in the industry of chocolate.

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