Godiva Case Study

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Godiva Gems are individually wrapped packages of pieces of chocolates so that they can be shared. The features three varieties: solid Gems, Caramel Gems,-and Gems, all are available in rich milk or dark chocolate. Made the finest cocoa and in keeping with Godiva's Belgian Solid Gems are a treat for any chocolate love; caramel Gems soft chewy centers of caramel enrobed in chocolate, and Gems feature a smooth filling crafted in the tradition of world-renowned truffles' Godiva Gems are available in packages caramels,- or consumers can purchase Gems bags for as low as $4'99 for range of 'l 2 to 18 chocolates or $9.99 for a bag of 20 to 29 lates. These products are offered for sale in Godiva stores, newsstands, duty{ree shops, and select premium grocers like Safeway, Publix, and wegmans, making it possible forionsumers to obtain these

Godiva Gems is defined.as a groundbreaking moment in worldl leading premium chocolate producert hLtory.


smaller Godiva is noi abandoning the high_end market either. collection Alongside the Gems selling on the supermarket shelves, the Truffle company arso introduced ;Legacy Truffles,,, which retail for with $S+ for-ZO pieces. CoJira executives also report that baked heritage, goods like cakes will soon be available from the company,s web are iit". Th"re new product offerings are forecasted to help Truffle the $5oo million revenue of the company by 2o14.Finally,double yildiz Godivas Holding, the parent company of Godiva, continues investments soli-ds. a chocoeasily Discussion Questions r. Define "the product" offered


of Godiva Gems the company aims to appeal to more consumers who will consume just more Godiva every day.



single variety

of truffles,

to grow the Godiva brand in different markets. The company is pre"paring to enter china with two store openings and is also f tanning to open two stores in its home country of Turkey in the Leginning of 2010.

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