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Ziliang Xu
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The Godfather Don Vito’s Dark and Brightness
In 1972,The Godfather is an American epic crime filmdirected by Francis Ford Coppola, based on the 1969 novel by Mario Puzo. The success of The Godfather indicates that the genre is because a powerful vigor. It is a rhythmically ponderous domestic epic about the consequences of American capitalism on family life; however, it is not analogous to a soap opera. In the movie, the godfather Don Vito Corleone is considered a thematic character because the themes and the plots are around him. One of successful elements of this movie is many scenes are using the costume of mise en scène style to record Don Vito Corleone’s process of converting from a negative image to a positive image. For example, the scene of the funeral parlor owner kissing his hand is showing Don Vito Corleone’s original evil character, but the scene of Don Vito focusing on watering the plant in his mafia family business meeting is showing his evil character become weak, and then the scene of him playing with his grandson in the garden is showing that he is a godfather no longer.

The scene of the funeral parlor owner kissing Don Vito’s hand takes place in Don Vito’s office. It is about a weak Italian American whose daughter is beat cruelly by two guys goes to there to ask for godfather’s help. Because the court does not perform stern legal sanctions on those guys who harm his daughter, he requests Don Vito to bring him justice. In this scene, godfather is dressinga black suit with black tie. He is very professional and normal and looks like a leader. Francis Ford Coppola, the directors of the film, uses the costume of mise en scène to describe Don Vito’s real godfather image. His black suit informs that he is still an august and powerful godfather at this time. Black brings audience visual elements such as mystery, sacrosanct and dignity. In people’s first impression to the godfather, these characteristics are...
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