God Will Make a Way: An Analysis

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  • Published : October 6, 2011
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The video is very good a shows how many people have to suffer while only a few live on a very high level.Maybe in the future we will be able to change this unfair system of life using pictures that show the effects of war but also the glimmer of hope for 'peace and harmony' throughout the world. It's to show the world from a distance- a different view. It shows the beauty, and also the sadness. A beautiful song, and a beautfiul world God created, but we taint that world with our humanistic nature and tendencies. Showing love and peace can make this world better and that honors our Creator. *Although the song says God is watching us from a distance, He is actually here with us all the time! but this song makes me notice we human beings are one family on the earth beyond the walls of language, culture and history. God has really blessed this nation & yet so often we just complain. Excellint Pictorial of the song it really went with the song. GOD IS WATCHING US SO LETS ALL DO THE RIGHT THING AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER! loved the pictures you used with this song they are remarkable and it brought tears to my eyes. A Bette fan and tribute artist. This song beautifully states that things seen from a distance are beautiful, peaceful and have harmony. Then the song states beautifully, that god is watching, from a distance. But what if the god spoken in this song watched closer, it would see war, famine, hunger and all manner of distress and assist you in relieving pain and suffering in the world. However, if we don't see things as they are up close, then why would a god from a distance? We then could never achieve what the songs states. Greatest song & the deepest song of all time - think about each line - each word - really think about it...until you get it! Amazing! If only......we could find love in our hearts to give, to love, to be nice, to help, to find a way to have peace so we could all live as God planned in the beginning. I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED THIS SONG.THE...
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