God on Trial

Topics: The Holocaust, Free will, Judaism Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Brooke Manahan
March 6, 2013
English 110
God On Trial
Guilty or Not Guilty?
Auschwitz: a horrifying death camp for the Jews. “God on Trial” takes place during the holocaust inside of Auschwitz. It shows the Jews wondering what they did to deserve to be in there. They wonder why God would be punishing them as a religion. Some people take God’s side and say he’s not guilty, while others go against God and say he is. It’s hard to say weather or not god is guilty or innocent. Personally, I have no view on religion so this paper is a little hard for me to write. One thing that did catch my attention in this movie though is where they we’re talking about how God says we have free will, then the guy started talking about how he had to choose between his three sons. I still do believe we have free will, he could have chosen any one of his sons, it was his choice. I believe we always have a choice and some are a lot harder than others to make but we always have the option to choose. This is why I would say they can’t accuse God for their situation. I know religion is all about beliefs but at the same time, these people chose to be the religion they are; they had a choice. I don’t believe in luck, I don’t believe that they were unlucky for being that religion because I believe they chose the life they live. I don’t think they should be punished for being how they are but I do believe your life choices are yours. It was wrong that they got killed and tortured for being a certain religion, and I don’t believe Hitler was right for discriminating against them. I do believe they could have changed things as group. I’m not in anyway blaming the Jews for the holocaust and I have nothing at all against their religion. I just think life is all about choices. That is something that in a way they chose. I feel bad that something like that would happen to innocent people but life is all about choices and free will.
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