God Must Be Crazy

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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CONDITION| DEFINITION| SIGNS & SYMPTOMS| DIAGNOSTIC TESTS| 1. Diabetic Retinopathy| A damaged blood vessel of the retina. This is caused by diabetes.| Blurred vision, slow vision, shadows or missing areas of vision, and trouble seeing at night.| Dialation of the pupils with eye drops and then carefully examining the retina.| | 2. Meniere,s Disease| An inner ear disorder that affects balance and hearing.| Drop in hearing, pressure in the ear, ringing in the ear, and vertigo.| A hearing test is administered, as well as electrocochleography, and a head MRI.| | 3. Macular Degeneration| A chronis eye disease that causes vision loss in the center field of vision.| The need for brighter light when reading, seeing words that are being read blurry, difficulty recognizing faces, and crooked central vision.| Examination of the back of the eye, tests fr defects in your center vision, and flourescein angiogram.| | 4. Abruptio Placentae| A premature separation of the placenta from its attachment to the uterus wall before the baby is delivered.| Abdominal pain, back pain, frequent contractions, and vaginal bleeding.| Abdominal ultrasound, complete blood count, fibrinogen level, pelvic exam, and vaginal ultrasound.| | 5. Toxic Shock Syndrome| A severe disease that involves fever, shock, and problems with the function of several organs| Confusion, diarrhea, headaches, fever, low blood pressure, muscle aches, vomiting, redness of the eye, and seizures.| Blood culture and the determination of several of the symptoms| | Page 1

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CONDITION| DEFINITION| SIGNS & SYMPTOMS| DIAGNOSTIC TESTS| 6. Endometriosis| A female health disorder that occurs when cells from the linning of the womb grow in other areas of the body.| Painful periods, pain in lower abdomen, cramps, pain during sexual intercourse, pain with bowel movements, and pelvic pain.| Pelvic exam,...
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