God Lives

Topics: Boy, Girl, Ain't Pages: 4 (918 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Close yo eyes , open up yo brain n to my imagination
God hit a lick wen he made this creation
Taken me through fire , because I'm gold
Never sold out , even with no water in a drought
Pout cause u ain't n Africa , you behind a stove with a spatula Doing algebra with eggs and bacon,
mistaken me for the sinner u thought u knew
I asked for help all the time but u said shoo
Aww okay coo, get a clue like blue
Your history is through , get my catch .
Or go fetch dog . Or should i say frog
The way u hop to church to church
Save the time and Jus get on google search
For whatever is dead , You heard what i said
These haters silly like ted , i shed them off like a snake
Bake the fake personality , living n reality
Will make you only trust a few
Dnt fall for the sayn ima saint too!
They live two lives like new new
Only if yah seen it from my point of view
I dnt believe in a crew because
I got the father , son , and holy ghost all in one
It Ain't fun wen the rabbit got the gun
Pointed to your soul , people always think its a show
Go for what you know , and not for what glow
I hope people dnt think im throwing off , they thought Don-E. was soft Because i was saved , now im famous like dave ,
Cause i crave your success , doin what i do best.
Please dont stress because im coming for your home
I'll say a scripture and blow up yo dome
Why am i always gettn underestimated
Only because i dnt get faded
Thats soo overated , shaded me wit darkness
I need some light , or i need some might ,
to fight off these demons , thats clinging all on me

Fake personas , giving off fake roles they call mommas
Got yo daughters walking around thinkin she grown
How about you see whats on in her fone
Or go see what she doing wen u aint home
I mean u swear she yo clone ,
while she gettin a wiff of some boy calone
Some attention needs to be giving ,
Before they flesh start digging
Into they soul , really gon catch...
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