God Is Pro-Nudist , Pro-Sex, Pro-Polygamy

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Marriage Pages: 9 (3004 words) Published: April 23, 2008
God is very pro-nudity and very pro-sex. But man study the Bible backward and take things out of context to come up with wrong conclusions.

Backward thinking gets backward conclusions. Faulty (corrupt) thinking results in faulty (corrupt) conclusions.

God’s ways and thinking are not man’s ways or thinking.

Men study sex in the Bible backwards, from Revelation to Genesis using man’s faulty thinking and get backward and faulty thinking about sex. To understand God’s thinking about sexuality you have to focus on God. Focus on God’s thinking before faulty thinking humans cause faulty thinking about sexuality.

If humans ate of the tree of (eternal) life, instead of the (rebellion, sinful) tree of (man made) knowledge of (man made faulty thinking) good and evil, we would be living similar to the Bonobos for all of eternality on earth in peace and harmony in small groups in 100% public nudity, having open public sex with many sex partners, with no shame and no guilt, no marriages, with lots of love, peace and harmony. But instead we rebel against God and God design for us and ate of the (rebellious, sinful) tree of (man made) knowledge of (man made faulty corrupt thinking of) good and evil. Even today we still promote Adam and Eve faulty corrupted thinking and we still reject and rebel against God design for us.

When we study God’s creation and God before the fall of man into man made corrupt and faulty thinking, we see clearly, that God is extremely 100% pro-nudist and extremely pro-public and open sex with many partners with no shame and no guilt with very strong sex drive for all God’s creation. This is opposite man thinking. Men promote Adam and Eve thinking and reject God thinking.

Before man sinned and rebelled against God, they were 100% nudist and had open public sex in front of all to see with no man made shame and no man made guilt trip. Also as nature clearly show all God’s creation want, desire and has many sex partners over a life time, per God’s design, As God has program most all of creation to be.

God created 100% of all his creation to be 100% open public nudist with no man made shame and no man made guilt. This is very clear to see from all of God creation and Genesis 1 and 2 in the Bible. This includes all animals and all humans alike. God created all animals and humans alike with making one male and one female of each.

Also, putting them in the Garden of Eden, 100% nude, and 100% open public sex, in front of all, with no shame and no guilt. Later we clearly see just because he only made one male and one female that God designed most all to have many sex partners in open public sex, with no shame, no guilt per God design.

This was and is God’s design for all his creation. Even today we still see this in all the plants and all the animals, still 100% nude, having open public sex with many sex partners, with no shame, no guilt. The only acception to this are humans.

Why is it , that humans, are the only acception. The reason is, only humans, rejected and rebelled against God and God’s design and plan for them. Animal did not sin. Animals did not rebel against God’s plan or design for them, only humans. This is clearly seen in Genesis in the Bible.

If humans did not sin against God then all humans would even to this day be 100% open public nudist having open public sex with many sex partners with no man made shame and no man made guilt, similar to the animals, continue to do as God designed and created them to do from the beginning.

But because of humans rebellion to God and God’s plan and design for them, they got corrupt and faulty thinking. Believing Satan’s lies and trusting there faulty man made thinking. Second act of rebellion was to believe Satan lies and put “clothes” on and cover there body and hide behind trees and brushes, hiding from God. We humans still copy this today. Society and even the Church still promote Adam and Eve faulty corrupt thinking....
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