God Is Pro-Nudist , Pro-Sex, Pro-Polygamy

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  • Published: April 23, 2008
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God is very pro-nudity and very pro-sex. But man study the Bible backward and take things out of context to come up with wrong conclusions.

Backward thinking gets backward conclusions. Faulty (corrupt) thinking results in faulty (corrupt) conclusions.

God’s ways and thinking are not man’s ways or thinking.

Men study sex in the Bible backwards, from Revelation to Genesis using man’s faulty thinking and get backward and faulty thinking about sex. To understand God’s thinking about sexuality you have to focus on God. Focus on God’s thinking before faulty thinking humans cause faulty thinking about sexuality.

If humans ate of the tree of (eternal) life, instead of the (rebellion, sinful) tree of (man made) knowledge of (man made faulty thinking) good and evil, we would be living similar to the Bonobos for all of eternality on earth in peace and harmony in small groups in 100% public nudity, having open public sex with many sex partners, with no shame and no guilt, no marriages, with lots of love, peace and harmony. But instead we rebel against God and God design for us and ate of the (rebellious, sinful) tree of (man made) knowledge of (man made faulty corrupt thinking of) good and evil. Even today we still promote Adam and Eve faulty corrupted thinking and we still reject and rebel against God design for us.

When we study God’s creation and God before the fall of man into man made corrupt and faulty thinking, we see clearly, that God is extremely 100% pro-nudist and extremely pro-public and open sex with many partners with no shame and no guilt with very strong sex drive for all God’s creation. This is opposite man thinking. Men promote Adam and Eve thinking and reject God thinking.

Before man sinned and rebelled against God, they were 100% nudist and had open public sex in front of all to see with no man made shame and no man made guilt trip. Also as nature clearly show all God’s creation want, desire and has many sex partners over a life...
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