God Grew Tired of Us

Topics: Sudan, English-language films, Lost Boys of Sudan Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Jeffery Walker
Ms. Causey
English 101
May 8, 2013
The Lost Boys Whom Where Found
The lost boys whom to be lost to love ones in many significant ways therefor the struggle they went through never keep them from been ‘found’’. The lost boys were very hurt and derived from the connections to another culture and from their homeland. First the lost boys overcame many adversities of creating new lives. Second the long journey out of Sudan to years spent in a refugee camp in Kenya to new lives in two northeastern cities. Finally the successful the lost boys become in the years spent in U.S. The lost boys were John, Daniel, and also Panther. Therefore the relocation by the International Rescue Committee to their new homes in Syracuse and Pittsburgh was the move for success. It sounds that if they leaving hell for heaven until you realize these men have never seen electricity, flushing toilets, or running water. They were anguished to leave behind the friends who been closer than family for fifteen years. Many adversities came upon the lost boys on strive for success for their family and friends left behind in Sudan and Kenya. For example in 1983, civil war broke out in Sudan between the Arab north and Christian, Animist south that engulfed the entire country causing thousands to flee. Of the thousands that fled were over 86,000 boys between the ages of 5-10 years old. Majority of these boys no longer had any family of any sort. The boys walked thousands of miles from Sudan to Ethiopia and on to Kenya to escape their government’s slaughter of the people. The goal of the civil war was to punish the half of the country that was not of Muslim faith.   In 1987, the Sudanese government announced that all men of the south should be killed or sterilized in order to end the spread of their so called treacherous ideals of Christianity and freedom.  By the time the “Lost Boys” had fled over a thousand miles to Ethiopia, their numbers had been reduced to nearly 27,000 boys...
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