God gives life only god can take life.

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  • Published: June 21, 2003
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"God gives life only god can take it away"

Do you agree or disagree with the above statement? Give reasons for your answer.

The Catholic Church teaches in favour of the above statement as several passages in the bible stress the sanctity of human life and teaches us that human life should be respected. Genesis 1.26-27 gives the important points. Firstly men and women are made in the "image of god"- a spiritual likeness that no others forms of life are able to appreciate. Secondly we are said to have an authority over other creatures by having the superior intelligence to alter events in nature while they can only respond to them.

The Catholic Church also teaches several other key beliefs on human life. We are each said to have an immortal sole that is the responsibility of God and God only, meaning that no person has the right to end another's prematurely. Also just as god decides the point of conception he too decides the point at which a person dies.

Of all the Roman Catholic churches` beliefs, the respect for an individual's life is the firmest and most important belief taught. Although Catholics are required to follow the churches example today numerous issues in modern society complicate the belief that god alone should determine the time of a persons death. The bible is unable to offer a solution or and can only be used as a guide. Therefore the tasks of interpreting gods will are given to the church and opinions vary over to what length's issues to do with life such as contraception, abortion and euthanasia should be allowed.

Contraception allows the act of se to occur with out the product of a child being born. In this way people are able to decide the point of conception (when the life of a child begins).

Condoms were invented in the 19th century as people began to think of alternatives to childbirth considering the effects of a mass growth in population. As a result then in the 1950`s the birth control pill was created. Due to the increase of aids campaigns in the 1980`s aimed to encourage safer sex and the use of contraception.

The Catholic Church however teaches that all forms of "artificial birth control" should be permitted as a "violation of the natural law" as God gave man sex as a means to procreate and reproduce inside of marriage and therefore the act should be open to the possibility of new life.

Over the century's different popes have adapted the belief for the church to teach but still remained true to the belief.

Pope Pius IX in 1930 condemned artificial contraception, while in 1951 Pope Piuis XII declared the "rhythm method" was allowable, as did Pope Paul VI in 1968.

Today the church regards contraception as the main cause of promiscuity, divorce and broken homes. While some people say it decreases the risk of aids and other sexually transmitted diseases, the church believe that along with promiscuity it increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

The bishops of the United States disagree as do most Christians and some Catholics. Anglican, Protestant and Orthodox denominations are in favour of contraception and see it as permissible declaring it legitimate as a means to limit family sizes.

Catholics and non-Catholic Christians see contraception differently in terms of how god intended the act of sex to be used. Though they both believe it should be used within marriage Catholics say it should be used to procreate and populate. However those in favour say that it was intended for enjoyment. Therefore does not have to be limited to the birth of children allowing it to be separated from the process of reproduction.


It has been argued that contraception is equal to abortion, however although the two have the same outcome the two are very different. Contraception prevents a foetus from being created (like not having sex at all), where as abortion prevents the foetus (once created) from being born.

The medical explanation for Abortion is the...
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