God for a Religious Person

Topics: Islam, Religion, God Pages: 3 (1024 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Sometimes, an individual becomes unaware of an idea or an assumption and subconsciously believes it as a fact; however, this oblivion can turn out to be a massive frustration cause if that “fact” is ever proven false. For instance, in sports, after a long winning streak done by a top-level team, the supporters of the team would never believe that there would be any chance of losing against a lower-level team. If that ever happens, the shock would be more painful to the supporters than what it would be if the supported team was the lower-level team and in a long-losing streak. As I believe, that’s a way the human brain follows to build its own set of believes. Sometimes, these believes can be much stronger than to be broken by losing a game or a debate. Outstandingly, the religiously based believes are the ones that fit the context the most because they are usually taught since childhood until adulthood and they don’t change. Being raised in a religious family might delay questioning the religion’s credibility until the religious textures become seemingly contradictory. Having many points of contradiction concerns the believer and begs the questions about why the believers chose to believe, how the religion was formed and delivered, and what the tangible evidence of the religion’s stories, if any, is. In many religions, questioning the credibility of the religion is the devil’s work, and so it is in the Islamic religion. As a part of the religious propaganda, I was told that my mind might not recognize the safe path, so I had to listen to whatever the Sheikh said about the path and act accordingly; however, because of my curiosity, I continued on reading articles comparing religions and science. That feeling of guilt, which was a result of thinking, would never leave me. In more words, when I felt more religious I felt guilty because I crossed the lines of the religion and I wasted time questioning Islam instead of worshipping God with accordance to it, and...
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