God Existence

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Georg Brow
Professor Jovanovski
The Existence of God, and which God Does Existence
The existence of God is a subject matter that most people want to know the answer to. Many great philosophers have debated about this subject for generations. Feuerbach has an interesting point of view about the subject matter. Feuerbach believes that if it can be scientifically proven then it is real or true and anything that is not proven is not real because there are no facts to back it up. But I believe that anything is real or true if you have faith. Faith is faith. Rene Descartes is someone else that had discussions on the subject matter. Descartes wrote a book called “Meditations on First Philosophy” which talked about the existence of God and the distinction between the human soul and body. He’s basically address; do people have the power to control things that are unexplainable or can people do what they say God can do (if you feel that God doesn’t exist). He’s my supporter that God does existence. The point that I’m trying to make is that God is real. Ludwig Feuerbach is arguing in the essay “The Essence of Christianity” that God isn’t real because humans have construed their own personal view of him. I hope by the end of my essay that you understand the reasons why God is or isn’t real. Some people don’t believe in the Bible because the information in the bible is not scientifically proven. People feel it’s a made up story to get people to believe in how the world came about, what’s right, what’s wrong and other important quality’s in order to be the best human being. When I read Feuerbach’s “The Essence of Christianity” essay, I rejected it because of my belief. From my upbringing, I believe God has to be real. Someone had to create existence; someone created the world and the things in it. Descartes says; so there remains the idea of God: is there anything that could have originated from man? By the word ‘God’ I understand a substance that is infinite, eternal, unchangeable, independent, supremely intelligent, supremely powerful, which created me and anything else that may exist. The more I concentrate on these attributes, the less possible it seems that any of them could have originated from me alone. The certainty of the existence of God, which has been held by man to be more certain than even his own existence, depends therefore on the certainty of the attributes of God-it does not have the character of immediate certainty (Feuerbach). Perhaps this being is not God, though. Perhaps I was produced by causes less perfect than God, such as my parents. No; for as I have said before, it is quite clear that there must be at least as much reality or perfection in the cause as in the effect. And therefore, given that I am a thinking thing and have within me some idea God, the cause of me-whatever it is-must itself be a thinking thing and must have the idea of all the perfections that I attribute to God (Descartes). The more and more you think about something, the more things start to become clear. God existence being proved, God is no longer a merely relative, but a noumenal being: he is not a being for us, a being in our faith our feeling our nature, he is a being in himself, a being external to us, in-a word, not merely a belief, a feelings, a thought, but also a real existence apart from belief, felling, and thought (Feuerbach). Well, if God didn’t exist, from what would I derive my existence? It would have to come from myself, or from my parents, or from some other beings less perfect than God (a being more perfect than God, or even one as perfect, is unthinkable) (Descartes). It’s an interesting idea that humans created God through their image, but the faith I have in god believes that god created us through his image. In the bible, God took a piece of his rib cage and created a human being and this represents that God has power over man and that idea is what I believe in. there is a power then man. There...
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