God as a Communicator

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Integrated Exercise
God as a Communicator

Introduction to Communication

According to the article written by Dr. Fjeldstad, God created human to have the ability to communicate not only with each other but also with Him. God communicates with us through various senses, which may be different for each person. One the most common ways of communication from God is through prophets and other people. He speaks to us through messages sent through them. This way of communication acts on the sense of hearing, as Paul was an “ambassador for Christ” peaching and teaching the way God wants our life to be (Fjelstad, 2010). Another way of communication with God using our senses is seeing. For instance, many people pray for a sign to show them the way in which God wants them to go, so we as a human being are looking for visual confirmation of our prayer requests. Also it is expressed that God uses incarnation as a tool in communication, in which God uses everyday life instances (Fjeldstad, 2010). Christians are urged to communicate for the sole reason of telling the goodness of salvation. Fjeldstad states that it is “God’s heartfelt desire” for Christians to get this information out “in any way possible” using an example of Paul’s life as guidance (Fjeldstad, 2010). The essential message according to the author is the gospel of God and Jesus Christ . God wants us to care about communication because it is a crucial way to get His message out to others. Communication as stated before comes in many forms, such as written, verbal, and visual messages which acts as confirmation of the works of God. I believe that studying communication is important an essential part of life as well as to leading a Christian life. Communication is a process of exchanging information between two or more human beings and effective communication strengthens the message that is being delivered. Effective communication is a learned skill that can be applied to all aspects of life...
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