God and Science Fair Experiment

Topics: God, American Revolutionary War, Atheism Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: June 15, 2011
Deists believe in a non-interventionist God. Think of God as a sort of Cosmic Watchmaker - crafting the Universe and setting all the laws and constants that govern it in place, winding up the mechanism, and then letting it go. He doesn't intervene, has no interest in prayers, and may not even bother with judging and rewarding or punishing his creations.

It's still a completely unsubstantiated claim, but at least you don't have to reconcile why such a lofty and infinite being keeps acting in petty and all-too-human ways throughout scripture...

Deists do believe in the existence of God, but do not believe that God is actively involved on a day-to-day basis. So, believe in God the creator, but think that God may have moved on to other things, or simply observes rather than intervenes. God created the universe, God cares about the universe, but God does not reach in and change anything: God lets the rules control what happens.

An extreme metaphor would be that this is a science fair experiment that was created, and while God would have the power to change things, but does not, because that would spoil the experiment. God as watchmaker is another metaphor: God created the universe, sets things in motion, and then it is up to the gears, etc. to mesh together and keep things going.

Humans, therefore, can control their destiny, and free will would not be compromised by divine intervention.

It is said that many of the revolutionary thinkers/leaders of the American Revolution were Deists.
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