God and Repeat

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You’re All I Need by Hezekiah Walker

You’re all I need,
Every breath you breathe through me
You’re all I need,
Let your rivers flow through me

You’re all I need (4x)

Verse 1
Said if I be lifted, I’ll draw all men unto me
You’re my closest friend
In you I live, have my being
I wanna draw closer (need to draw closer)
(repeat, 2nd time see below)
I wanna draw closer to thee, to thee


I need you (3x), You’re all I need

Kingdom of Our God by Cedric Ford & HOW
Verse 1
Let the kingdom of our God fill thee earth (4x)

Verse 2
Let your kingdom come, Let your will be done
Oh Lord, Oh Lord

Lord You’re Worthy by New Direction
Lord you’re worthy, & we give you the praise
Lord you’re worthy, & we give you the praise
Always making a way, & we give you the praise
Lord you’re worthy, & we give you the praise


Awesome, awesome, & we give you the praise(repeat)

Faithful(repeat), Holy(repeat), Jesus(repeat)

Lord you’re worthy, & we give the praise

Chasing After You by Bishop Paul S. Morton/Tasha Cobb

Verse 1
I’m chasing after you,
No matter what I have to do,
Cuz I need you more and more (repeat)
More and more (4x)

I’m chasing after you,
I’m praising my way through
Just to be closer to you
I’m chasing after you

More and more (repeat as directed)

Holy by New Direction
I can hear the people (angels) crying holy,
To the lamb (4x)
I can hear them crying,
Holy, Holy (2x)
Holy to the lamb (2x)

Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty
Early in the morning our song shall rise to thee
Holy, holy, holy, Merciful and Mighty
God in three persons, Blessed Trinity

Holy, Holy, Holy to the Lamb, Holy to the Lamb

Holy, holy (repeat as directed)
Holy to the Lamb (repeat as directed)

Let Us Worship by Tye Tribbett
Let us worship, let us sing hallelujah to the king
Let us raise our voices high, praise the name of
Jesus Christ
Let us worship, Let us sing hallelujah to the king
If we live we’ll have our being, He is Lord of everything

Let us worship, lift your voice to the king of kings and lord of lords, Every nation with one accord, praise His name forevermore

Hallelujah(3x), we praise your name

Your Voice by Earnest Pugh
Your voice is what I seek
To hear your voice is my desire
To your voice alone, oh Lord, do I listen

Your voice alone oh lord (can silence every enemy)
Your voice alone oh lord (speak new life to me) Your voice alone oh lord (is like breath to me) I need to hear your voice (4x). Speak to me.

Let me hear your voice in all that I do
And let me not be found where I don’t hear you

Let me hear your voice(repeat)
Your voice, your voice (repeat)
I need to hear your voice (repeat as directed)
Speak to me (repeat as directed)

Worship Experience by William Murphy, III
Verse 1
When I come into your presence
I can feel your anointing
Like an overflowing fountain, mmm
The flow of your power, saturates my spirit
And the break through overflows my soul

Verse 2
Lord I worship you, for your righteousness
Lord I honor you, for your holiness
Lord I enter in, beyond the veil
To worship you, to commune with you

I need a worship experience, connection with your spirit, empowered by your presence, yeah (solo)
Chorus repeated as directed

Endow me, with your presence, cover me, Lord
Repeat as directed


Take My Life by Bishop T.D. Jakes
Verse 1
Holiness, holiness, is what I long for
Holiness is what I need (choir here verse 2 & 3)
Holiness, holiness, is what you want for me
Verse 2
Righteousness (That’s what I need)
Take my heart and mold it,
Take my mind, transform it,
Take my will, conform it,
To your’s, to your’s, oh Lord
Verse 3
Brokenness (Gotta be broken)
Solo (holiness)
Is what you want for me (repeat)

You Reign by Youthful Praise
You oh Lord, are...
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