God and Dignity

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Dignity: It’s Value
A Terminal Requirement
In English IV

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The researchers would like to dedicate this research paper to those people who have lost their ways and wander in darkness. We hope that even just a little bit, we are able to open your minds and touch your hearts. Always remember that no matter what happens, we will always be there for you and accept you.


The researchers would like to thank and acknowledge these guys and things for helping us in making us finish our research paper. Without these guys, we could have done nothing. Eljays would like to thank the following: Adobe, Google and Acer Laptops. Special thanks to my family and friends for the continuous support you had given to me.

Hagi – chan would like to thank the following: Her Values Education book. Who would have even
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that helpful. My sister’s
Val. Ed book and
to my over we anime
husbands for making me inspired.

Title: Dignity: It’s Value
Thesis Statement: “Dignity of a person doesn’t really matter due to temptations like money and lust but still, some people value it.”

I. Introduction
A. General Background
What is dignity? We sometimes encounter this word, some might be familiar. But what is it? Can it be given importance? Can it be forgotten? Well those questions will depend on you, your actions and the way you bring yourself. Dignity means being respected for who you are and what you believe in. That’s something that can be done in both big and little ways. Like saying please or lending a helping hand are ways of showing dignity. Sharing your toys with others or making a donation to a charity are ways of showing dignity too. Just by being kind to others no matter who they are, what they look like and where they come from is a way to show dignity too. (Just by) Well, there are so many ways to show it like a cancer patient fighting against his illness to his death. Now, here’s the word “death”. Don’t you know dignity can be showed in death? Yes it is, it’s called Death With Dignity. In death with dignity, we all have experiences to share. There are our constituent’s personal stories of courage, pain, joy, fear, sadness and hope. Also, dignity is in women. Ah, yes. The dignity of a woman. Her most important thing that once take away, it will never com back. Just like all things that are lost will never return. It’s just that the “thing” in woman is just like time, gold and important. This thing is called virginity. Now, I’m very much sure that this word is very familiar to us, especially teenagers. With all the teenage pregnancy, sex trafficking and the porns how come that we wont know that dignity is lost in this field! Were not implying that once you’re not virgin, you don’t have your dignity. This case is totally not the concern for married women, engaged ladies and widows. But what about the girls, teenage girls. They’re young and fresh, so easy to be tempted. That’s why it’s important to know dignity, give its importance and value it for us to learn more and watch out. This is what our study’s all about.

B. Statement of the problem
The researchers would like to seek answers to the following questions: A. What are the possible ways to bring back the lost dignity? B. What are the effects/ impact if the person wreck his/her dignity? C. What’s in dignity that a person or every person should have? D. How can you convince others especially to those who doesn’t value their dignity to give importance to it? E. Which is far more better to die with dignity or to live without dignity?

C. Significance of Study
As we all know dignity is important as a person with feeling that can feel shame, guilt pain and anger. Our study mainly focuses on two things: death with dignity and living without dignity. Which is more better, which...
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