God-Aliens : Stories-Why Do You Believe?

Topics: Religion, Greek mythology, God Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: June 3, 2013
God - Aliens : Stories - why do you believe?
Published By : RisshaNair
A book wrote many hundred of years after the events, millions around the world believe are true, or at least the word of God.

If a man today came forward with claims he was the second coming or carried the word of God he is/would be thought to be a nut job.

So why does this book carry so much credibilty when created in a time when the majority of people couldn't read, throught time when people were forced to believe, and translated over and over to suit the ruler of the time.

If one questions the stories from their book they become defensive, and use "faith" as proof, when chance would have probably occured anyway, or faith in a higher power helped them over come a problem, but they had it in them all along...it was a mere placebo effect in a higher power existed.

If I told you I was an alien, or that someone you didn't know said they saw an alien you'd laugh and call them a nut....but defend these stories or a miracle man, invisible God or multiple Gods (depending on religion) ruling and shaping your life.

I'm not saying God doesn't exist, I'm only asking why do you believe with knowing how shakey time has been to the book, and why the difference in attitude if someone claim something today, but you believe in a book written by someone you don't know hundreds of years ago...is it because your mother told you to? is it because surely millions of people can't be wrong? Well the world was wrong when they thought it was flat, so because many believe in something doesn't make it true.

One final question....whatever happened to the Eygptian Gods and the Greek Gods? We call it all mythology, however back in the day it was all very real to them....why will todays religions not be mythology in thousands of years from now and everyone is following a new religion or any at all?By RisshaNair
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