God's Supremacy

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  • Published : November 15, 2010
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God’s Supremacy

Table of Contents
Page #1- I. Definition of God’s Supremacy
- II. Meaning of God’s Supremacy
Page #2- III. Describing God’s Supremacy

I. The Definition of God’s Supremacy is that the true and living God can defiantly be argued and compaplated that God has an all ruling and infinite distance which separates the mightiest creatures from God our creator. Of all His mighty attributes of his self being you can believe that Supreme is a term of that which means one ruling all and above all others. This is exactly what our ruler God is and always will do. There are a bunch of definitions in the bible for the term Supremacy, which include this scripture from the book of Psalms 2:9; (He is the Potter, they are but the clay in His hands, to be molded in to vessels of honor, or to be dashed into pieces). This is quite a verse that defines God’s Supremacy! In the Webster’s Dictionary, Supremacy is defined as one who is as of the highest power. All of these definitions describe one of God’s mightiest attributes.

II. God’s Supremacy is like an all mighty intelligence that makes him so supreme. This meaning that he has much wisdom, more than any man could ever withhold. The Supremacy of God surpasses all, is above all, and all who question it. It is like in the natural where a bird stalks a earth worm, the worm has absolutely no chance what so ever because of the bird’s supremacy is above the earth worm, and it surpasses all of its abilities’.

III. I guess everybody wants to feel supreme in a manner of feeling above someone every once and a while. See we cannot be Supreme in some manners. At no means in compared to our God. He does though give us authority in to some others in the right circumstances. Like how God gives a Husband authority over his wife. This doesn’t mean you can treat a spouse however you like, but to cherish her like a gift that God has given you. Authority… this word is troublesome to...
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