God's Lift Is Out of Order

Topics: Short story, Interpersonal relationship, Reach Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: February 18, 2013
God’s Lift is Out of Order.
In Karen McCarthy’s short story God’s Lift is Out of Order the story has a first person perspective, which follows an unnamed narrator. She lives in Kilburn, London, and is black with Jamaican descent. Throughout the short story she is struggling with the memories of her childhood friend Aaron. Aaron, who was the narrator’s childhood friend, was a smart kid. He played chess a lot, and at the age of 14 he became a nationally ranked player. He could also read music, write poetry, play the piano, basketball and do maths. But even though he was a smart kid with a most likely bright future, he was unable to get away from his mentally ill mothers heritage. He and his brother then later ended up taking drugs. Through their childhood memories, Aaron seemed to have wanted to take their relationship further, which can be seen by the mention of Aaron’s valentine’s letter to her. However, she had no further interest in him at that point, as seen in line 93 – 94 “But things were different now… and I saw more of Aaron’s older brother.” Even though she had been able to move on, from their childhood flirt, he had been stuck in the past with her, which could potentially refer to the title, God’s Lift is Out of Order, he is not getting any further, no ups and no downs. But rather stuck in place, needed to be fixed before being able to move again. Later while getting ready for a big birthday party, the narrator accidentally finds the old valentine’s card from Aaron, but doesn’t stop to think about him, maybe having had developed stronger feelings for her, than that of their childhood flirts where they would lay in his bed reading old X-men comics, while playfully pretend their legs weren’t touching each other. A more important memory, would be when they arrive at a hospital, they would usually go to, where one of their elevators were not functioning properly, and therefore had a sign saying “Goods lift is out of order” Which was playfully taken as...
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