God's Blessings.

Topics: God, God the Father, God in Christianity Pages: 2 (860 words) Published: December 11, 2011
Our God is faithful and His Word is the truth, and it is useful for teachings us, admonishing us and even giving us a glimpse of the joy that is in store for us. As we continue our series on Psalms, we come across this acrostic poem, Psalm 112, the lines of which begin with the successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet. In this psalm, the Psalmist is primarily concerned with documenting the blessings that come to those who fear the Lord, who delight in His commands.

Psalm 112 starts with a commandment – “Praise the Lord”. Many of us don’t like discipline, but it helps us grow. When we were young there were many rules – in school, at home. Those rules helped us develop and mature into adults. In the same way, if we obey all that God told us through His Word, we will grow and mature in our spiritual lives as well. We must learn to praise Him. The Hebrew word for praise is ‘Hallelu’, which when translated means ‘to make God look good; to make God look bigger in our lives; to make Him shine’. Our praises should make Him look good; make Him shine. How do we do that? It is not enough to chant praises, like the heathen do, without meaning (see Mathew 6:7). Our praises must be real, from our heart, in spirit and in truth. God delights in praises from our heart, not just our lips. And we must strive to be the best at whatever we do. After we are washed by His grace, our lives are not our own to live the way we want. We live for something bigger than ourselves. We must do our best to lift His Name in the midst of our circumstances, our families, our friends and everyone around us. And our God is faithful in blessing us double fold for our efforts. We can never out-give Him. We are called to praise the ‘Lord’, not praise or lift up our problem or the devil. If we spend our time thinking and contemplating our Heavenly Father, we will become more like Him. Our problem is really much smaller than He is, but so often we get caught up in small matters that distract us....
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