Goblin Market

Topics: Woman, Goblin, Stanza Pages: 4 (1478 words) Published: February 3, 2013
What Aspects of the Narrative Art does Christina Rossetti display in Goblin Market. How Effective Are These Techniques?

Goblin Market was wrote in 1877 and shows subtle links to Rosettis relationship with the pre-Raffelite movement. Rosetti presents an interesting aspect of narrative with the different possible interpretations of the poem. One could read it from the view of a child-that of innocence, however the poem is also able to be studied deeper and themes of womens rights, religion and sexual encounters could also be interpreted. The title of this poem to some could be appealing as it gives the essence of a fairytale, with the “Goblin” aspect hinting at an air of menace to the tale as they are often seen as being mischievous. There can be seen to be a slight contrast in the title, with “Goblin” suggesting the non-mortal element and “Market” suggesting verisimilitude and brining normality back into the poem.

The first stanza is mainly taken up by a list of different fruits. Rosetti could have done this to symbolise verisimilitude with the rhythm not being broken. Due to little punctuation, the stanza is fast to read, perhaps done to engage us from the beginning and create the atmosphere of being at an actual market. Although in this day the fruits mentioned sound quite normal, in the context of its writing, the fruits would be more exotic as they would be rarely available. This idea could link in with that of how the fruit symbolises temptation, the forbidden fruit which also ties in with the title and the idea of the mischievous nature of Goblins. Rosetti was a very religious woman and she could have used the nature of forbidden fruits to tie in with the Bible story of Adam and Eve and how Eve was tempted by the fruit. The role of women in the 1800s could also be seen to be reflected here with the idea that women are more easily led to temptation by men which was seen to be a common though it the time of writing with men seen to be the superior sex....
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