Goat Industry in Bataan: Problems and Prospects

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Study I.
Goat Industry in Bataan: Problems and Prospects[1]

Dr. Gregorio J. Rodis, Jose Paulo B. Tuazon, Reynan P. Calderon


Goat industry has been one of the promising sectors in the whole livestock industry. However, this is one of the sectors in the industry that has less government support. In fact, less has been done in the production of this small ruminant thus it is expected that there is low supply of the goat meat or chevon, which is a very good alternate or substitute to the much expensive beef and pork.

According to the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS), Central Luzon ranked sixth in total volume of production of chevon in the country, as of 2008. Of these, 99% were produced by small holders or backyard farm operations comprising of farmers where goat raising serves as a complimentary enterprise (Table 1 and Figure 1).

Table 1. Distribution of Goat in Central Luzon.

|Year |2008 |2009 | |TOTAL |Jan 1 |July 1 |Jan 1 | |Region III (Central Luzon) |310,343 |300,285 |317,912 | | Aurora |18,093 |17,506 |18,307 | | Bataan |8,885 |9,312 |12,170 | | Bulacan |14,469 |16,621 |12,782 | | Nueva Ecija |81,050 |82,040 |82,600 | | Pampanga |8,427 |8,591 |8,079 | | Tarlac |114,855 |109,150 |120,011 | | Zambales |64,564 |57,065 |63,963 | |BACKYARD |  |  |  | |Region III (Central Luzon) |307,316 |297,521 |314,971 | | Aurora |17,992 |17,422 |18,228 | | Bataan |8,885 |9,312 |12,170 | | Bulacan |14,469 |16,621 |12,782 | | Nueva Ecija |78,900 |80,125 |80,500 | | Pampanga |8,263 |8,439 |7,928 | | Tarlac |114,493 |108,793 |119,672 | | Zambales |64,314 |56,809 |63,691 |

Source: Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, 2009.

Figure 1. Distribution of Inventory by Farm Type, as of Jan. 1, 2009.

Source: Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, 2009.

In Bataan, goat ranked fourth in the preferred list of domesticated animals (goat ranks third in the ruminant category) in the farm, according to the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian (OPV-Bataan). Aside from low investment capital required, goat raising is favored due to the popularity of chevon among the local consumers manifested by the ever increasing demands among eateries and during special occasions.

With the intention of determining the present status of production, the industry’s problems and prospects, a comprehensive study must be done, hence this study.


Essentially, the objective of this study is to determine the socio-economic conditions of goat raiser in the province of Bataan. Specifically this study aims to determine the present status of the goat industry as to the current population, goat management practices, goat genetic improvement practices as well as marketing problems and potentials.


Gathering of primary data from interviews on people directly engaged in backyard as well as in commercial production will be done. This will encompass goat production practitioners who will be categorized into traditional...
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