Goals: Own Goal and Experience

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“My Future Goals”

Everyone has their own goals and dreams that they will keep in pursuing till they happen. I have a lot of goals and dreams that I want them to happen as fast as possible. But, I have to get the experience so I can make them happen because without experience dreams will be dreams and they will never come true. I will mention some of my goals.

Goals! My Goal and dream is to have my own business after graduating from university. I see myself after five years from graduating from university working in my own business and helping people to find work. My first goal is to help in decreasing poverty and unemployment and this can be achieved by building factories to give people an opportunity to work.

Having my own business is hard at the moment because I don’t have the experience to start it. I believe that tomorrow’s leaders program will be my first step to study and gain experience. I see myself after ten or twenty years from graduating from university working in decreasing poverty and unemployment and that’s by building my own factories and offices. People just need the opportunity to show their selves and prove that they can do and I hope that I will be able to give them this opportunity.

In conclusion, I see myself after graduating doing the best for the country and the best for the people. Decreasing the percentage of poverty and unemployment is my main goal. In order, to develop my country.
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