Goals Essay

Topics: College, Goalkeeper, Bachelor's degree Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: February 16, 2014
As a senior, this is the time when I am pondering my future dreams and goals. An objective of mine that I have always had is to continue onto college for my bachelor’s degree and then to graduate school. I hope to soak every piece of information in and to explore a broad variety of subjects to increase my knowledge in all walks of life. One might question the motive behind “wasting” money on extra classes, but I love to learn. I strongly believe that one of the purposes in life is to always be building and growing through knowledge. Even after I graduate, I will never be done learning. Further education is more than preparing you for a job, but also preparing you as a person. I am looking forward to this experience that will give me so much more than a degree. In the year leading up to my arrival at college I am determined to accomplish a personal goal of mine, to earn second team all-conference. I have already earned two honorable mentions for soccer and I want so desperately with my last high school season to make it to the next level. My plan to accomplish this goal is to put my time into goalkeeper camps, workouts, and a program made for soccer athletes called mercy acceleration. The result would not only be rewarding for me but it would also give an example for the younger players on my team that they can reach any level they want to as long as they put the hard work into it. Another aspect of my life that is very important to me is community service. I wish to give back through the youth soccer programs. When I have breaks during college I plan on going to the youth practices and working with the goalkeepers. Giving back to the same program that developed me as a player will be extremely gratifying to me. I wish to instill the same values that have been taught to me, which includes responsibility, communication, strength, and perseverance. Although soccer is very important to me, it is not what I want my career to be. I want to pursue a career as a...
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