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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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Jacinta Reyes
My Favorite Memory
Throughout 17 years of my life, which can't be said too long or too short I had a lot of memories. There are some enjoyable, happy and also stressful memories in my life. Every single memory is so special to me that I can't change with anything. Sometimes they taught me some lessons and also made me regret about my behavior. In this essay I am going to tell you about my best memories in my life that I have experienced. To start with, I have an enjoyable memory to tell you about. When I was ten years old, I was attending to elementary school in the States. In school, I have always waited for lunch time! In lunch time, me and my friends would always gather together and share each other's lunch. We shared our stories and had a great time. I remember that my lunch was always delicious. My nanny was a great sandwich maker and her sandwich was so good that I still miss it. After having delicious food, we usually played games like capture the flag, tetherball, and more. Playing with them was so fun! They were great friends of mine. I can never forget that cute memory I have. Next, I also have a memory that made me regret about my behavior and also taught me lessons. When I was 13 years old. I had to take an exam for a computer process Word Processor. To take the exam, I had to take classes every morning for about 30 minutes in school. However, I didn't attend that class because I was lazy and couldn't get up early. I failed my exam. Then, I tried one more time after about a month. I don't remember exactly. Before the exam I thought I had enough time so I chose to cut my hair before. After having haircut, I was late for the exam. I couldn't go into the room and couldn't even take the exam! I think this was the most pathetic thing I have ever done in my life. I should have set the priorities and do it in order. Lastly, I have a happy memory. It was in winter and I remember it was almost Christmas so many buildings were...
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