Goal Succession and Displacement

Topics: Management, Principles, Goal Pages: 4 (773 words) Published: March 14, 2012
Bicol Merchant Marine College, Inc.
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A thesis presented to:
Mr. Edmundo A. Atutubo

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Paul Reggie P. Bagsit
BS MarE 2A

March, 2012


A. Background of the Study

Many of the established organizations today are a product of hard work, focus and perseverance of all its members and departments, through the active and untiring support and leadership of their leader. Without the active and solid participation of each, the title “established organization” would not be entailed to their group. Their organization may also become non-existent at all, if such conditions are unsatisfied.

At the start of the formation of the every organization, goals and objectives are set and these will act as the groups target or basis that they will be persevering on to achieve with the long run of their journey towards success. These so-called “standards” will indicate whether the organization is a successful or a non-successful one.

There are times when a certain organization sets its goals and in the end, manages to fulfill each of these stated “standards”, but, there are also instances when these goals may be unfulfilled or become displaced. This is where the “GOAL SUCCESSION AND DISPLACEMENT” comes in.

GOAL SUCCESSION is the complete realization of the goals of a certain group or organization, that is, if we speak of human relations, but, it may also refer to the achievement of individual goals. Same principle applies to Goal Displacement. GOAL DISPLACEMENT refers to the dislodgement of the goal itself, which may be the result of shortage in fund, mismanagement of time, etc. For example, the goal of a certain maritime vessel is to reach Port B from Port A, within a time-period of 15 days. This was their original goal. But, during the height of their voyage, one of the ship’s primary engines broke down,...
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