Goal Statement for Capella University

Topics: Licensed Professional Counselor, Psychology, Multiculturalism Pages: 4 (1285 words) Published: November 23, 2012
Application for Clinical Graduate Degree in Counseling

By: Rosalind Sims

Rationale for Seeking Specialization in a Clinical Counseling-Related Program I would like to pursue counseling as my career and become a successful leader in the field. I have always had a passion to assist people in emotional distress. As a qualified professional in the counseling field, I would be able to identify their problems as well as offer them the most appropriate solutions that may help them deal with their situations. However, working as a professional counselor requires that I possess the relevant skills and knowledge that would enable me to offer quality services in which I think that I can obtain the skills at Capella University. As a professional clinical counselor, I would have to deal with clients with different problems, so my role would entail listening to their problems, preventing further damage/harm as well as relieving them from the psychologically based dysfunctions (emotional, nervous, mental and behavioral dysfunctions). In addition, I would have to create conducive environment for them, which promote their personal development and well-being. Consequently, I would therefore have to provide both vocational and educational planning for the patients. To achieve this effectively, I would require training that would enable me to administer and interpret various psychological personality tests as well as the standardized tests of memory, functioning, and intelligence. A clinical graduate degree in counseling at Capella University would enable me to get the necessary licensure that will grant me the authority to practice legitimately. My interest in counseling developed early when I was still in high school, where I offered fellow students advice on their personal problems; with time, my reputation as a great advisor grew and most students and roommates at the school often consulted me for advice. This interest developed further when I had an opportunity to offer...
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