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Methods of Teaching ESOL

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I teach Kindergarten at Central Avenue Elementary. This year, I had 18 students in my class. Fifteen are second language learners. Some of the children are only able to communicate with very little English. I can only speak English, so hopefully by taking this course I can use what I learned and apply it in the classroom. For this portfolio, I chose one of my ELL students; Diany M.

Artifact A: Three Cultural Capsules

Cultural Capsule I:

Diany is from Puerto Rico. She arrived in Florida four months after the school year began. Diany demonstrates respect to adults by not making eye contact when an adult is speaking to her. She looks at her feet, and if feeling that she is being reprimanded, will lower her head, not just her eyes. This is a cultural feature of many Latin-American cultures. Eye contact from a child to an adult, or person in authority, denotes either respect or defiance. I have been working with Diany to look at me when I am speaking to her. If she has made a mistake, I use a soft tone of voice and assure her that I am not angry with her, and that it’s ok to look at me when I am speaking to her. I have explained to her that I understand that at home she may not look at adults directly, but that in school, teachers and other adults will expect eye contact as a way to show that you are listening to them. She seems to understand this, but still has difficulty making eye contact with me. We continue practice daily to make her feel more comfortable.

Cultural Capsule II:

Diany is a happy, helpful, cheerful girl. She speaks and laughs very loudly and makes gestures with her hands. She makes noise in the classroom throughout the day. She often talks over others or while I am teaching. I made a home visit and noticed that other family members also exhibited the same behaviors. At home many conversations take...

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