Goal Statement

Topics: Hospital, Illness, Health care Pages: 4 (890 words) Published: December 16, 2012

Degree and specialization:
Master of Science in Nursing Specializing in Leadership and Management

Personal/Professional Goals

My life’s experiences over the past several years have made me wiser. To be a more successful and productive individual, I find it necessary to further my education by obtaining a Master’s Degree in the Science of Nursing. I also find it necessary to help build upon my career accomplishments. Now I am more grounded to realize and achieve this goal.

Currently, I am employed as a Cardiology Manager of a growing Cardiology Department at Howard University Hospital. I am responsible for approximately 20 staff members. As a new manager, I have been mentored by the Director of Nursing who on a regular basis speaks of my professional growth. The opportunity to be a leader in nursing has been phenomenal. However, I have a strong desire to become exceptional. With further education and some formal training, I know that I will feel more comfortable and confident in performing my duties at a level at which I personally feel they should be executed.

After receiving my Master’s Degree in nursing, I will be more able to efficiently, effectively, and competently affect changes in the future of patient care as a leader in the field of nursing. My ambitions are to affect changes not only in my present institution, but hopefully affect positive changes in nursing and patient care globally.

Academic Experience

Over 15 years ago, I had the opportunity to attend undergraduate school at Howard University. Unfortunately, my vision was unclear and my confidence non-existent. However, I soon realized that to be successful, productive, and compete with the best I had to do something. So I made the decision to enroll in the nursing program at Prince George’s Community College. I made a conscious decision to be the best and graduated in the top five of my nursing class. I feel that same determination will contribute to the...
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