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By | November 2012
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Antique French Louis XV Rocaille Armoire Wardrobe Ca 1850

Beautiful antique Louis XV Armoire with wax patina comes from old house of France and dates around 1850. In solid cherry wood all hand carving it opens with two doors with beveled mirrors. The top is hand carving of garland of roses and Rocaille pattern. They are 5 adjustable shelves including one with 1 drawer. Good condition. It measures 94"3/4 high 52" width 19"1/4 depth

Characteristics of Chippendale Furniture

Time Frame
* The Chippendale style dates from about 1750 to 1780. It was popular in the American colonies, which continued to follow the latest trends in London. The period before Chippendale is known as Queen Anne (1725-1750). Chippendale is sometimes thought of as a more decorated version of traditional Queen Anne design. The period after is known as the Classical or Federal period (1790-1840), which emphasized simpler lines and styling in a reaction against the ostentatious aesthetic of the Chippendale period. Characteristics

* Chippendale style is sometimes referred to as rococo. It is inspired by Gothic, Chinese and French design. In the simplest terms, the Chippendale style could be considered "busy." Intricately carved patterns, the curved cabriole leg and the ball-and-claw foot are found on many pieces of Chippendale furniture. The hairy paw or scroll foot were also popular. Sometimes, the leg is completely straight without ornamentation, with a clear, angular, Chinese influence. The acanthus leaf is a repeating theme among furniture examples from the Chippendale era. Corinthian capitals are typically designed with this kind of leaf. Chests

* In the William and Mary period (1690-1725), the chest of drawers was immensely popular. But it disappeared in the Queen Anne period. It was revived in the Chippendale style, often with a curved front in an oxbow or serpentine fashion. The high chest fell out of favor in the...

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