Goal over the Years

Topics: Goal, Investment, Money Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Question 1:
My immediate goals could be defined as attending class every day, taking detail notes, asking questions, studying daily, utilizing any and all resources, and last but not least, working one on one with each one of my professors during his/her office hours to learn what their expectations are to earn a “A”. My short-term goals would be to complete all assignments on time, write my resume, get a car, and look for a job. My long-term goals are to graduate on time with a degree in management, fund my ideal job, and possibility marriage. In five years, I see myself employed at a company of my choice, or maybe even working at a business of my own, I see myself happily married, living in a beautiful home, driving a nice car, and finally stable. In the next ten years, I want to have my own business up and running successfully, (not sure what kind), in my own beautiful home, earning about 600,000 or more a year in personal income. I feel as though, if I keep up with my goals I will be doing exactly what I plan to do in 5 to 10 years. Question 2:

The basic wealth protection section c is the stage where you cover the basic risk by strutting a person’s assets, so that one other than the people you preselect can have access to your asset. In other words, it safeguards one wealth against those who may have claims against it. Once you are protected, you begin to accumulate wealth, which is the second stage on the personal renancial I management pyramid. Accumulated wealth allows you to work effectively towards your goal, by an trolling and processing money or personal property. You begin to accumulate wealth by saving, creating funds for events such as your retirement, one’s education, even emergency. The last stage is wealth distribution, which is when one shares his or her asset with a loved one, or whoever they wish in an effective manner. Keep in mind the unavoidable risk of your death. This is important because depending on where a person life,...
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