Goal Movie Review

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“I’ve spent muddy days watching young lads beat the hell out of each other. But once in a while, there’s one that comes along and lifts your heart.” --Glen Foy in “Goal! The Dream Begins”

Production Information

Like every kid, Santiago Munez has a big dream. But unlike every kid, he’s given the rare opportunity to make that dream come true—if he’s willing to put his fears aside, travel thousands of miles from home, and hold his own with some of the best in the world. The intense pressure and personal sacrifice prove costly for Santiago on his quest—but will they be enough to keep this gifted, determined young athlete and fledgling hero from his ultimate “Goal”? When Santiago crossed the border into America at the age of 10, he had two things in his possession: his football and a tattered picture of the World Cup. Working menial jobs while growing up in Los Angeles, Santiago’s (Kuno Becker) passion was playing football. Convincing his father that he could be an international football star was another story: “There are two types of people in this world,” declared the elder Munez, “People in big houses, and people like us who cut their lawns and wash their cars.” But when Brit Glen Foy (Stephen Dillane), an amiable former football player and sometime scout spots Santiago at a local L.A. match, he recognizes a deft, fast and brave footballer—the kind of talent that the glamorous English Premier League Club, Newcastle United, is hungry for. Now thrust into a foreign land where football is a religion and Newcastle’s St. James’ Park its cathedral, this young American must prove that he’s got the grit and the game to win a contract with one of the most prestigious football clubs in the world. Muddy fields, cold winds and crunching blows from teammates—not to mention personal woes, injuries, and the temptations of life in the fast lane—are just a few of the obstacles Santiago must overcome to triumph in the heady, heart-pounding world of international football.


Directed by Danny Cannon, “Goal! The Dream Begins” stars up and coming Latino actor Kuno Becker. Some of the hottest representatives from the world of football also appear in the movie, including David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Raul, and Newcastle United’s Captain Alan Shearer. Milkshake Films and Buena Vista Pictures International present “Goal! The Dream Begins” directed by Danny Cannon. The screenplay was written by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais. The film is being produced by Mike Jefferies and Matt Barrelle of Milkshake Films and executive produced by Peter Hargitay. With Co-Producer Danny Stepper and Associate Producer Allen Hopkins. The film also stars Alessandro Nivola, Stephen Dillane, Anna Friel, Marcel Iures, Sean Pertwee, Lee Ross, Stephen Graham, Kevin Knapman, Cassandra Bell, Kieran O’Brien, Tony Plana and Miriam Colon. The talented creative team includes cinematographer Michael Barrett, editor Chris Dickens, production designer Laurence Dorman, costume designer Lindsay Pugh and composer Graeme Revell.

About the Production
The cinema has given audiences scores of beloved, inspiring films about sports, from “Rocky” to “Raging Bull” to “Miracle.” Producers Mike Jefferies and Matt Barrelle wondered why Hollywood hadn’t yet spawned a great football movie. “We’ve seen a myriad of tremendously successful films that use sport as a backdrop—films about baseball, basketball, golf, you name it—and it just seemed incredible to me that the world’s biggest sport—and, in fact, the biggest form of content on television today—has never been the subject of a decent movie,” says Jefferies. It was in 2002, when Jefferies and Barrelle were at the World Cup in Japan, that their idea really began to take shape. Barrelle then spent a year researching the movie industry in general and the intricacies of this film in particular. They also got American Danny Stepper in on the venture. The project was gathering steam. “It seemed like a...
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