Goal Essay

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Goal Essay
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela) what are my intension to come to college? Nowadays, medical assistant is rapidly increasing. I’m attending college to earn my Associate degree in Medical Assistant. Before attending college, I’ve had too many problems such as the grammar problems and writing in the English forms. I realized that I wasn’t going to get far without education. With my family's support and advises, I decided to go on further with my education to have a better future and a long time career working as a medical assistant. This year, I am enrolled at Kauai Community College since the fall 2012 semester. When I started college, I was majoring Liberal Arts because I'm still undecided what career I wanted to pursue in. November 2012, after talking to my counselor I was able to choose what I'm pursuing; I choose medical assistant. Their are couple reasons why I choose medical assistant. One reason is that I have the passion to work with other people. And the other reason is that I have a single mother who supported me since I was born and I want to find a career that would pay enough to support me and my family. Receiving my associate degree and becoming a medical assistant will improve my life. I am 18 years old, employed at brick oven (Kalaheo), and still living with my parents. In the past I made a lot of bad choices that made my mother disappointment. Accomplishing my educational goals and pursuing in the medical field will make my family and my mother proud, and it will also help me live independently. My estimated date of graduating the medical field is spring 2015, in order for me to complete my goal; I will set up a meeting with my counselor to organize what I should take each semester. By doing this, so I would know what to expect and not to overload my schedule. Other things that will also help me to achieve my goal is to...
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