Goal and Rationale

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Goal Statement
I feel that I can bring a style of learning that combines imagination, interaction, and the importance of core teaching values that will bring a style of learning the children will remember through their school years and beyond. I have heard many of the students I teach on Wednesday nights say that they have problems in school because the way they are learning does not grasp their attention. They want more hands on and a more fun way of learning about things. I believe that I can bring fun to the classrooms and staff while still keeping it educational. I can keep the kids wanting to learn by using items that they are interested in today and involving them more with hands on learning. By getting the students more interested and wanting to participate it will get the parents more involved with the students and the schools as well. I want every student to leave my classroom learning something. I know that every child has the ability to learn even the smallest things. I feel that a teacher should take on roles outside the classroom as well. Sometimes a teacher is the only person a child feels they can talk to. It is important for the teacher to have a warm, welcoming, and confidence way about her so that the child is more likely to come to her if and when they have a problem. I know that I will provide that to my students. I plan to continue to grow as a teacher through experiences, reflections and guidance from others.


According to Shyr, an instructor at the national Changhua University of Education in Changhua Tiawan, “Teachers constantly are seeking new ways to actively engage students. Actively involving students leads to deeper questioning, improved attendance and longer lasting interest in the subject, compared with lecturing alone. Hands-on activities and demonstrations have been developed and documented for teaching students.” You will notice in my goal statement, I will be using the hands-on learning technique to teach my...
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