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Topics: Cancer, Blood vessel, Tumor Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Faith Lowe
Period 6

Can Cancer Tumors be starved to death?
For scientists to even think about answering the question, Can Cancer Tumors be starved to death? They have to first find out what tumors need to grow, what can kill a tumor, and what happens when a tumor is a solid.

For a tumor to grow it must obtain from the body's blood supply all the food and nutrients it needs to make more cancer cells. If a tumor doesn’t get the food and nutrients the it won’t grow. To get these foods and nutrients tumors leak out substances into thesurrounding tissues that encourage angiogenesis, the formation of small blood vessels. This call for more blood vessels insures an ever-greater flow of blood to the tumor as it grows larger.

Angiostatin and endostatin kills a tumor by cutting off its blood supply. The cells of a growing tumor require a plentiful supply of food and nutrients to fuel their production of new cancer cells. Cut off the supply of food and nutrients and the tumor cells die starving them to death. Tumors require an ample blood supply for them to grow. The growth of new blood vessels is called angiogenesis. Inhibiting angiogenesis offers a possible way to block tumor growth.

As a solid tumor grows and outstrips its blood supply. The interior of the tumor becomes Hypoxic. Which is oxygen depleted. Because of Hypoxia, it appears that genes are turned on that promote survival under low oxygen pressure. Even the ones that increase blood flow to the tumor by promoting angiogenesis. hypoxia inducible factor-1, this transcription factor appears to induce the transcription of genes necessary for blood vessel formation. I think Cancer tumors could be starved to death but scientists I don’t think have discovered it yet. We have to study what a tumor needs to grow Then you could starve it from what it needs to grow then it can die, what can kill a tumor, and what happens when a tumor is a solid.
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