Go to Class and Be Sucessful

Topics: English-language films, Teacher, Education Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: March 22, 2013
“Sowing a behavior will reap habit, sowing a habit will reap character, sowing a character will reap fate”(Chinese saying). The students have to be well motivated to study hard and attend all classes to have a good job – a good life in the future. The students must be penalized for missing classes for the following reasons. First, Nguyen states that (personal communication, 6th Jan, 2013) if students come to class regularly and study hard they can get good marks. Every day in school, the teacher gives students knowledge and information about the subjects. If students miss classes, they will lack the understanding about the lessons and they can’t catch up with others. Moreover, the teachers teach the subjects and tell students important points - tips for the examination in class. As a result of this, the students who don’t come to class will not have enough knowledge about the lessons and they can’t get good marks. Penalizing for missing classes as well as applying the school attendance policy makes the students responsible so that they will go to school to study and they will have better grades. Second, the students should learn how to consciously follow the regulations and rules at school. When the students are at school, they have to obey the school disciplines . If they don’t follow the rules and regulations, they have to be penalized such as being given minus marks, or not allowed permission to take the final test. When the students graduate and work in a company, they have to follow many regulations, limitations and rules” (Kim, 2011). If they don’t come to work regularly, for example, they will be penalized . The school attendance policy is fair to every student so that the students will get results based on their work. Therefore, the students will be more likely to go to school motivated to study. It means they can have good habits, good character and a good fate. Third, a penalty for missing classes requires...
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