Go Tell It on the Mountain

Topics: Family, John the Baptist, Mother Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: February 26, 2008
In the novel "Go Tell I on the Mountain" by James Baldwin the main character; John; encounters three obstacles: (1) His father Gabriel; trying to make John as he is, (2) John's journey for education; trying to get out of the ghetto towards a better life, and (3) the favoritism shown towards his brother Roy, no matter how much he acts up, and struggling with no support. The theme of "Go Tell It on The Mountain" is if you reach a crossroads in your life; follow your heart in the right path.

The first obstacle comes about as John is on the way to celebrate his birthday t the movie theater. Gabriel, who is John's father, wants John to be a preacher and up-hold the life of the church. John despises of his father and thinks that if he tries to continue his life in a ministerial prospect that he is going to be being like his father. Gabriel his hated so much I the family, because he beats the mother Elizabeth, and blames John for the problems that Roy creates. Gabriel wants John to be as he is and degrade white people, because Gabriel thinks "God will bring them low".

The second obstacle comes to existence when John goes to central park and sits at the top of the mountain. The mountain was John's thinking spot, to figure out what he was going to do in life. John also contemplates about the strife and stress that he goes through on a daily basis, with his family, school, and everyday living in the gutters of Harlem, New York. As John sits and thinks he looks down on 5th Avenue and sees the white folks passing by, thinking that they will learn to respect him one day. John figures out that trying to be rich and accepted is not the answer; first he has to get an education. However, his education will be put on halt because of his father Gabriel.

The third obstacle arises when Roy gets into a fight with some white boys across town, gets cut, and Gabriel blames it on John. Aunt Florence and Elizabeth defends John, because Roy is a problem child and Jon is the good...
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