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Topics: Fraternities and sororities, Tufts University, Leadership Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Becca Papineau
English 101-18
Essay Draft 3
October 26, 2012
Being a part of something, and knowing you will always be accepted for who you are is one of the best feelings in the world. Learning life-long skills that you know that will benefit you in the future is also a rewarding experience. Joining a sorority or fraternity is something most people don’t regret. You have to give it a chance, in order to succeed. People judge the Greek system before they learn anything about it. They make assumptions that are most likely not true. They make assumptions from hear say only. You need to experience it, before you judge. Lauren Border’s negative outlook on the Greek system is mistaken, because she overlooks the positives like sisterhood and brotherhood, scholarship, and leadership, and what they have to offer.

In “Pledging to never rush: a criticism of Greek life at Tufts”, published in The Tufts Daily, student at Tufts University Lauren Border writes how she is against the Greek life establishment at Tufts. She doesn’t understand why people would want to join an establishment that gives you so many bad names, and separates women from men, and men from women. In the article she did want to make clear that she does not dislike the people in the Greek life establishment. She has nothing against them; she is just against the establishment. She doesn’t like how the sexes are separated. She doesn’t understand that women are still trying to make a step up in the world and become equal to men, but then they have these establishments that separate them. She is also very against the hazing aspect on both sides of the Greek system. Girls’ egos are shut down, and men have to prove something, just to be part of something. She is stating that you can feel belonged to something and not have to partake in any of these things. In the article she states, “I am convinced that Greek life usually does much more harm than good.” She wants a change at Tufts...
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