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Topics: India, Political party, Indian independence movement Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: March 17, 2013
The socialist leader of a fearless and dynamic personality. Both before independence and in free India he went to prison several times for the sake of the people. A man of rare scholarship and independent thought he toiled to create a society which would ensure justice to the poor, the backward and women. An honored freedom fighter, a maverick socialist and an esteemed political leader are phrases that have long been and still are synonymous to Ram Manohar Lohia. Having been born in 1910 in the pre-independence era to a nationalist-at-heart father, it didn't take him long before he entered the freedom movement. And with Mahatma Gandhi as his mentor, he never shied away from the truth and worked his way wonderfully through India's freedom struggle for independence to post-independence social and economic issues with an unswayed enthusiasm and dedication. Be it organizing a small strike on the death of Lokmanya Tilak or providing support to India's freedom struggle by participating in the Satyagraha Movement at the age of ten; raising his voice to the social evils like rich-poor divide, elimination of caste system, and man-woman inequality; summoning the youth on the topics of politics, literature, and arts during his last few years; he did it all. At the age of 57 he passed away, but not before making an applaud-worthy contribution to both, India's history and future. It's only respectful that many colleges, universities, hospitals, and roads have been named after him in his remembrance. Lohia is remembered today as a ceaseless fighter for the upliftment of the suffering castes as well as women. He was a non-conformist, sensitive to human distress and played the role of an accusing prophet in an unjust society. He was a profound, innovative and original socialist thinker. He had not only embodied some noble aspirations for his country but also represented an important section of opinion in the Indian political scenario. He belonged to a lost generation in the...
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