Go Ask Alice Book Review

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  • Published : March 18, 2012
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Imagine a life so perfect and everything just turns upside down. "Go Ask Alice" is a story about a girl who lived an average life and her parents decide to break the news to her that they we're moving. You could only imagine her reaction to this news. As I read the beginning the author did a great job of making it apparent that she is gradually changing in a negative way. Once they moved she began doing drugs and even lost her virginity at such a young age. The move just made the worst impact on her life. The fact that she was depressed on how nobody was accepting her just led her to do the wrong things.

Through out the story Alice went through different phases that changed her life forever. At one point she was doing drugs all the time, every single day. Another phase she went through was having sex daily with random guys. How she kept this from her parents for so long was unknown and surreal. This book was written as an actual diary so the author gave us a good insight of what was going through her mind and what was happening in her life each day as if we were witnessing it in person. After I read this book it made me think about how life would be like if I dropped out of school. Just like Alice chose to do in the beginning of the book.

Reading this book also made me realize how quickly life can change and how one bad decision could lead to a life filled with fear of making it to the next day or even hoping your loved ones are still going to be there for you after all of the unfortunate events. Towards the end of the book, Alice met people who she thought would get her off of the track she was heading and help her. They all just wound up making her live the fast life with drugs and excessive partying. The author seemed to try to portray the fact that not everyone you come across is good or if their motive is good & sincere.

This book is really good for an audience that needs a reality check for how one bad decision can lead to a bad path. The ending of...
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