Go Ask Alice Analaysis Essay

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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I have read pages 1-159 of Go Ask Alice by an anonymous author. Throughout Go Ask Alice, the diarist explores a darker and more ominous side of human nature, one that is often disturbing and shocking. I believe the theme statement, “All the good in the world becomes transparent, as evil invades with an impossible potency” properly reflects the themes shown to us in the novel. Written as the diary of a fifteen year old girl, it has an aspect of immaturity that causes events in her personal life to be exaggerated to an extent. Because of this, evil becomes the more prominent fixture in her life. It consumes every fiber of her being and becomes impossible to escape. She eventually turns to drugs, finding a temporary diversion from reality. This counterculture she experiences, seduces her with a fantasy world filled with ecstasy and excitement. It eventually becomes such an imperative part of her life that she begins to feel as though “there isn’t even life without drugs.” The farther you get into her diary, the more you notice that all of the positive elements are disappearing, and darker aspects are being introduced. The seemingly inescapable hardship and self inflicted suffering only enhance the reader’s conception that drugs are dangerous and destructive, and that these ideas lie at the very core of the book. The main protagonist of the story remains unnamed. It quickly becomes evident that she is extremely lonely and insecure. Not uncommon in teenage years, she suffers from very real problems, such as socials pressures and weight issues, although she is never described as being overweight. Her image concerns her to the extent that she becomes anorexic and bulimic, which contributes to her feelings of low self worth. The complexity of her character begins to be revealed throughout her diary entries and her time spent on the streets. Although coming from a supportive family, with loving parents and a very strong connection to her grandparents, she is...
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