Go Ask Alice

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  • Published: October 28, 2014
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Alice in Horrorland

Go Ask Alice, said to be by an anonymous author and edited by Beatrice Sparks, is a

haunting, yet extraordinary novel. Go Ask Alice talks about the dangers and consequences of

using drugs. Its genre is contemporary classic fiction.

Although Go Ask Alice’s book cover says to have been written by “Anonymous”,

meaning that it was written by the owner of the diary, Beatrice Sparks, a psychologist, claims to

have written it (Goldberg 1). Eight years after it was first published, Sparks admitted that she

wrote the novel and that there was a real “Alice”, but that she had added other similar events that

had occurred to other patients of hers. Due to this, Go Ask Alice is labeled as fiction rather than

nonfiction. Go Ask Alice is in a first point of view perspective since it is a girl’s diary. This

affects the novel by making us question whether or not what Alice says is entirely true. The

reason why I chose to read Go Ask Alice is because I was already planning on reading this novel

One literary device that Sparks uses a lot in the novel is hyperbole. An example of a

hyperbole in Go Ask Alice is when she says “Yesterday I remember thinking I was the happiest

person in the whole earth, in the whole galaxy, in all of God’s creation” (Sparks 1) Another

example is “I have just read the stuff I wrote in the last few weeks and I am being drowned in

my own tears, suffocated, submerged, inundated, overpowered” (119). A last example of

hyperbole found in Go Ask Alice is when she says “I’m so happy I could die” (162).The reason

why Sparks uses the literary device of hyperbole is because this diary is a teenage girl’s diary.

Teenage girls tend to over-exaggerate everything that they say or write. By the use of hyperbole

the reader can almost hear a teenage girl’s voice. The hyperboles help contribute to the novel’s

theme by making us see Alice’s perspective towards all her...
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