Go Ask Alice

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  • Published : November 6, 2008
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Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice should be taught in language arts curricula’s. Any piece of literature that pushes boundaries in school systems is then questioned whether or not it should be taught. Without this type of literature students would never be able to truly benefit from the quality of these extraordinary books. Commonly, books that have the potential to change student's perspectives are the ones that are banned; novels such as Go Ask Alice have the ability to benefit students.

In today’s society kids experience much more extremes than ever before. Go Ask Alice covers the topics of experimenting with drugs, alcohol, and sex. Many parents and school administrators are outraged when they learn about this novel; afraid what it might teach their children. What most people do not take into consideration relates to the fact that kids in high school these days have either already been experimenting or have been exposed to those elements. “One out of three girls in the United States get pregnant before age 20, and thirty eight percent of high school students have used marijuana”(Fyfe). This type of novel does not convince the kids to start living this lifestyle it will only dissuade them from trying it. In today’s society kids are exposed to so much information through media outlets. Less and less is being censored on television and in movies kids already know so much by the age of twelve.

Go Ask Alice is not making light of the use of drugs and alcohol it in actuality does the opposite of what today’s media outlets are doing. It shows the dark and dangerous side of using. This allows kids to understand that everything revealed may not be wonderful when you use drugs or alcohol. That an individual goes through dark, horrifying and ugly times which can bring one to their lowest point. A child who is going through these experiences may realize that this depicts what they are dealing with as well and may not feel as lost. The book could even possibly stop a...
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