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By | September 2010
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Colgate-Palmolive informs its customers about its new products as well as the product that is being used by the customers. Colgate-Palmolive persuades and convinces its new as well as old customers to purchase its new product. Adopting a good promotional strategy Colgate has succeeded to retain its customers and image. By this Colgate strongly focuses on different promotional strategies i.e. mass selling, advertising, publicity and sale promotion etc. Colgate-Palmolive has proved itself as a keen observer of the market and the culture all around itself. Colgate has done in the past and still doing at the moment. It is producing & introducing the products especially for the kids. Colgate is very popular among young kids just because of its perfect promotion. Colgate- Palmolive is promoting kids products by labeling the cartoon Characters like Looney tunes, Barbie, Barney and many more which are being loved by the children. It also educating Children by b slogan “Stronger say bhe Strong, Mera Colgate”. Colgate-Palmolive has list of products for the children like: Oral health for children.

Great Flavor.
Track for Brushing.
Through the strong promotion by the media i.e. TV, radio, newspaper etc. It is rightly successful to capture the mass market. So, we can say that the Colgate is the product of mass selling. Colgate is not only using the traditional advertising media for its Promotion. However it is also using the b electronic advertising media i.e. internet etc. Because a large number of people are using the internet. So, Colgate also advertises on the different websites with its required information for its customers and has a specific website to promote each Colgate product. Colgate also promotes its product by sales Promotion to attract its customers to use the product. Sometimes, Colgate introduces the product at low prices according to the quantity and to facilitate its customer. Which...

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