Topics: Genetically modified organism, DNA, Nutrition Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Genetically Modified Organisms
Biotechnology is the use/alteration of cells or biological molecules for specific applications. More specifically, genetic engineering is biotechnology that manipulates genetic material. The DNA of an organism can be altered to suppress/enhance a gene or the genetic material of different species can be combined using genetic engineering. Genetically modified organisms can be beneficial to agriculture all over the world, human nutrition, and the environment.

Many GMO foods can be engineered to endure harsher conditions than non-GMO crops. They can be made to endure harsh growing conditions, which allows for foods to be grown in regions that would not usually accommodate them. Because of this, food production could be increased in many third world countries. Genetically modified crops can also be engineered to be pest and parasite resistant. If crops can be made more resistant to pest outbreaks then it would reduce the danger of crop failure. By developing special traits in plants, biotechnology allows for more food to be grown in more places using fewer chemicals and fewer natural resources.

GMO’s are also being used to increase the nutritional value of crops. It is possible to add vitamins to GMO foods in order to increase the overall nutritional value and health of the product. GMO’s can be used to add nutrients that are not usually present or to increase the quantity of vitamins already present in crops. Biotech crops can provide enhanced traits such as increased levels of beta-carotene in rice to aid in reducing vitamin A deficiencies. There has also been research done involving the addition of immunizations to foods such as hepatitis B being added to bananas. This technology could improve the health of humans all over the world.

Not only is biotechnology helpful in agriculture and health, but it can be used to improve the environment. Crops can be engineered to be grown without harming farm land. Because GMO crops...
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